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Welcome to the new era of bodyweight surf training and breathing techniques ! 


U Natural Method / Ginastica Natural originated in Brazil, it’s like if JJB, Yoga and Copoeira had a baby together ! 

It’s a bodyweight training method designed to improve strength, power, flexibility, mobility, endurance and coordination.


This is a highly complementary activity to surfing and martial arts. It is practiced by many pro surfers, like Filipe Toledo or Nic Von Rupp (big waves surfer), as well as fighters such as Marcus Buchecha, world JJB champion.


U Natural Method was founded by Raphael Romano after years of practice and research. It is now a worldwide recognized and revolutionary surf workout program. 


From Kids, Beginners to Pro Athletes or Seniors. 

How does it works

We developed exercises and specific sequences for each component of our method in a way that all of them can be mixed and performed with your bodyweight, making your practice complete, functional, fun and efficient ! 

The 10 Components:

Dynamic Stretches








Ground work

Breathing techniques 


Improve your strength, endurance, core stability, flexibility, mobility, balance, cardio, agility and breathing techniques !

Fast, Fun and efficient workouts designed to give you maximum results !

Filipe Toledo, 2X World Surf Champion, U Natural Method, surf, surfing, surf training, surf workout

Filipe Toledo 2X Surf World Champion

Train with the method of champions!

Whether you're a surfer, a fighter, or just looking for a fun and complete training method,

you've come to the right place!

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