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Hi there!
Here is my story !

I’m Anne-Laure, but I know how complicated it is to pronounce it if you don’t speak French, so just call me Anna ! 

I was living in Paris for 9 crazy years, I had a very high demanding job that led me straight to the burn out. The real fall was in 2020, i can say without taking much risk that this one was harsh on everyone. My brain was foggy the whole time, i was exhausted, but who knows why my body was talking to me, deep inside i had this call, i needed to reach the ocean asap.

I looked up what options i had, i searched for balneotherapy, burnout therapy by the ocean but i felt it wasn’t the right option, then i remembered, i always wanted to learn how to surf ! I asked some friends where to go and here I was booking my first surf trip without even checking where it was on a map and how to get there. This is how desperate I was to jump into the ocean!

This is how this whole new journey started. 


I always loved water, pool, sea, ocean, to swim, to dive, to float, to play in waves, to do water ski, wakeboarding, to sail on a boat, to go for long walk on the beach, to sit and watch the waves only, etc… 


And as i like to joke about it, i was born at the ocean in Bretagne but my parents tore me out of my element and moved me to the mountains… I think there is trauma here ! haha Don’t get me wrong i do like the mountains but i’m in love with the ocean ! 

Anyway, this trip was like a rebirth to me, I felt so alive, so free, so connected. Its 50 shades of blue, its infinity, its strength, its noise, its mystery… 

During these 2 weeks, I learned how to pop up, to catch white water, to catch green waves, to go right and left. And I still remember the feeling of popping up for the first time on my own without thinking about all the steps and with the right timing after my first week ! AMAZING.


But.. i had to go back to Paris, and the only thing i was thinking of was going back there !

That was it, i was addicted !

So… i booked an other surf trip 2 months later ! 


And in the meantime i knew if i didn’t want to lose all my strength and knowledge i acquired i need to train on land ! I have since ever loved sport, especially sport that doesn't feel like training but more like fun and high focusing ! I was practicing Thai Boxing and Cross Training while in Paris, (both already very good to keep in shape) but i wanted to find a specific surf training, so i started digging, trying to find the best surf like workout to help me with my surf, this is how i discovered Ginastica Natural by U Natural Method ! I search and try so many different methods I found online ! 


So until April 2023, i’m still living in Paris, faaaaar away from the ocean, but i managed to go on quite some surf trips during my holidays and of course i have been training Ginastica Natural among others in between. 

And this is how i came from surfing baby green wave to this barreling one !


With all this happening, i couldn’t stand living in Paris anymore, far away from this magical ocean, so i quitted my job, left 9 years of my life and moved to the french Basque Country near Biarritz and became a certified U Natural Method Coach. 


I wanted to be able to share with you what i have learned in those 3 past years to keep myself in good shape to be ready every time i could jump into the ocean !


I’m not selling you a magical bullshit method, I prefer to warn you, this is hard work and discipline, but it’s overall a lot of fun with notable improvement ! 


Let’s start this new adventure together ! I hope you will enjoy the ride !

I’m not selling you a magical bullshit method,

I prefer to warn you, this is hard work and discipline,

but it’s overall a lot of fun with notable improvement ! 

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